Company Overview

Our systemic, value added productized service solutions


Almost all traditional development models require a lot of investment in the form of time and money from the customer in finalising requirements. Even then, most projects run into issues of scope creep, cost fluctuations and unpredictable results.

STL’s model of productized service cuts through the issue of implementation complexity and the cost and time fluctuations.  Our readymade products and platforms are customised to provide you the result you want with reduced risk and improved consistency and quality. STL solutions have served customers in the education, healthcare and e-government services sector.

Quick Facts

  • Silicon Techlab (STL) is an ISO 9001 organization.
  • STL is also a NICSI empanelled vendor
  • Headquartered in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India, STL has offices in Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore Singapore and USA.
  • STL is an 80+ development and R&D team.
  • We have a strong implementation team of 250+ associates across the globe

Our technology portfolio Includes:

  • Data Mining & Analytics
  • Mobility Solutions Web
  • Open Source technologies
  • Internet of things
  • Cloud Computing