What We Do

Founded in 2009, STL has been serving customers in the Education, Healthcare and E-government services. STL’s suite of Productised service solutions is a value-added, systemized, “done-for-you” service. The products are already available to see what features as opposed to seeing requirements. They can be customised easily to meet the unique needs of each customer.
Our productised solutions such as Edusols, SmartHealth & SmartGov are integrated solutions which are easy to implement. All STL solutions are built on Open Source code; cloud-enabled and are accessible from any mobile device.
For your data analytics and business intelligence requirement, our platform BMBI can deliver timely, actionable data to our clients. Be it custom report generation or complex predictive analysis, BMBI gives an optimal business solution every time.
Today, data should be accessible from any location and from any device. Our platform BMMA ensures that all our cloud-based online ERP solutions can be accessed from any mobile device or tablets. All information is available at your fingertip and on the go.