Automate your School and College Management.
Tackle them all with our Edusols (ES) platform

ES is a groundbreaking platform for educators which uses three key technologies cloud computing, mobility and analytics that hold the potential to create the far-reaching improvement that education demands.


Redefining Education’s Administration

Helps to change the way the education institutes are functioning

Remodeling Students & Parents Engagement

Removes the information gap between the education institutes and their students as well as parents thus maximizing the output through mobility

Helps management with powerful analytics

Helps to improve the performance of students with a powerful analytics platform

Engaging all Stake holders with a strong e-Governance process

Helps the stakeholders to know what is happening on their fingertips

Building Stakeholders Confidence

200 plus institutes and 80,000 students backing & user experience behind ES

Technology behind ES

  • Pillar 1 – Portal Platform: Usage of the responsive portal platform for master data management, data listing & delivery ( Html 5, CSS3.0,  PHP & PostgreSQL).
  • Pillar 2 – Mobility/Tablet Platform: Usage of the mobility/tablet platform to compute & view data both online and offline from a smartphone.
  • Pillar 3 – Self Service Analytics Platform : A self service report building & analytics  platform.
  • Pillar 4 – Cloud Platform : ES solution hosted  on both secure cloud AWS and hosted environment to reduce infrastructure cost drastically.


  • ES platform customised for Schools & Higher Education let you use the solution with no upfront cost in 4 weeks.
  • ES hosted at secure AWS cloud comes with data security & backup without a sleepless night.
  • ES is easy & user friendly to use.
  • ES comes with personalised reports & dashboard. Its self service reporting tool helps the end user to build their own reports.
  • Its mobile app helps you to access the institute & child data anytime, anywhere
  • Its SMS, e-mail provides an alert based communication which keeps you connected.
  • ES is the best valued platform for educators.