Government/Public sector - Utility Billing Solutions
A mobility and analytics based platform
for utilities revenue management


The Utility Distribution Revenue Management System (UDREAM) platform is designed to create a converged operations & management platform that provides control with respect to Revenue Management (Meter Reading, Billing, Collection, Arrear and Theft Management). It provides a comprehensive view of the electricity & water usage , billing and revenue from residential area of an enterprise.

Mobile based Spot Meter Reading (By meter readers) – A meter reader goes to the consumer house and does meter reading using Mobile phone and a Bluetooth printer.

  • Meter reader to mobile to reading unit tightly mapped
  • Meter reader location tracking (GPS)
  • Spot Billing with photo capturing- Data sent over GPRS
  • Bill printing
  • Web based – Real Time billing Reports
  • Mobile based reports


Mobile based Meter Reading (Self Billing)– A consumer does self billing using his/her own android phone & with photo capturing option.

  • No meter reader will go to the consumer house for billing.
  • Meter reading alert is sent to the consumer
  • Self Meter reading with photo capturing by consumer himself/herself
  • Bill is generated after verification from the admin within 48 hours
  • Bill is sent either SMS, email or can be viewed through the mobile App.
  • Complains can be logged by consumer
  • Expected energy usage can be calculated using Energy Calculator
  • My Account- Consumer can see complete energy usage, billing and payment detail
  • Auditing is done once in three months by billing supervisors


How it works?

  • The UDREAM system is hosted in cloud. The UDREAM has both mobile & web client interface for meter readers and consumers.
  • The consumer/meter reader download the app and map to the UDREAM server
  • The consumer/meter reader bill every month once the mapping is completed
  • Any change on billing rules get sync with mobile app automatically.



  • Get rid of manual billing/no billing/tabled billing
  • Get accurate billing due to photo billing option
  • Complete tracking of utility usage reduces misusage.
  • Reduces consumption so as the cost of the usage
  • We take complete ownership of meter reading including s/w on turnkey basis so the enterprise focuses on its key business.


Pricing Model

We have two pricing models

  1. Option-1: Enterprise buy mobile & printer . STL provides UDREAM on SaaS
  2. Option-2: STL provides mobile & printer in addition to UDREAM on SaaS.
  3. We charge per bill basis for both the options.