BMBI is a self-serviced web based data visualization tool for business users. It is hosted on cloud and is a user-friendly, rapid deployment, cost effective data visualization platform..


Key Differentiators:

  • Cloud hosted
  • Rapid and easy deployment in any environment.
  • Excellent data visualization platform
  • Cost effective and scalable
  • Help focus our customers to integrate their people, data and systems to make decisions and act in real time.


Key Features

  • Build a cube on excel spreadsheets.
  • Build a cube on top of existing Database/Star Schema.
  • Browse, Explore and Analyze Cubes (web based) with tools like Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts and Plots.
  • Build and Publish interactive dashboards and reports without any coding and scripting effort.
  • Download Reports and Dashboards in the form of Spread Sheets and Images.
  • Role Based Security (report & record based).


Parallel Coordinates
Bubble Pack