sGov (Smart Governance)


Our SmartGov platform is an integrated ecosystem that effectively manages
all citizen and government service processes smoothly

sGov Platform Overview
Increasingly, governments are challenged to do more with less; managing assets efficiently as infrastructure maintenance demand continues to grow; managing hybrid workforces of employees; managing large volumes of data and multiple systems. To improve the delivery of government/public sector services to its stakeholders, the government is actively embracing the use of IT.

sGov platform transforms the functioning of government by leveraging the use of cloud computing, data analytics and mobility. The use of these three key technologies also:


  • Reduces the digital divide between urban India and rural India as mobile phone is widely used across India, across all demographics
  • Cloud Computing allows anytime, anywhere use of the solution.
  • Data Analytics provides intelligence out of the massive amount of data to help make better decisions.


The sGov platform:

  • remodels public and government engagement
  • redefines government administration
  • engages stake holders through a strong e-governance process
  • tracks & monitor using analytics

sGov platform solutions are tailored to improve government processes, empower citizens across urban and rural India and remove silos and create more integrated systems thereby reducing operational costs and improving productivity.


sGov platform has both public centric modules and internal modules for back office management. These modules can be cohesively used together or the client can select single or multiple modules as per their requirement. It also has one set of extended sGov products.  The modules are:


Public Centric

  • eRecruitment: An online recruitment portal for prospective employees form fill-up to admits card generation to sort listing. This includes onetime fee collection using online payment facilities during registration process. This also has online assessment modules.
  • eVendorMgmt: An online vendor management portal for prospective vendors. This also has a built in workflow management module in addition to reports & analytics.
  • eBeneficiaryMgmt: An online beneficiary management portal for various government scheme beneficiaries. It has subsequent disbursement management modules. It also has a built in workflow management module in addition to reports & analytics.
  • eGrivMgmt: It has both mobile and web based grievance registration to tracking.



  • SPMS – Smart Project/Scheme Management System is used to manage and track government projects initiation to closure.
  • FABS – Financial Accounting & Budgetary System is a complete product for financial budgeting, forecasting, planning, monitoring & tracking of financial resources (revenue target, budget, income and expenditure).
  • HRAS – Human Resource Accounting System is a ground breaking cloud hosted HRMS which is integrated with field employees monitoring & tracking system.
  • PSMS – Procurement & Store Management System is a complete product for purchase requisition to procurement to store management.
  • RMTS – Resource Monitoring & Tracking System is a cost-effective geo& RFID tagged base application which can be used by industries for resources & asset tracking.

Extended sGov

  • mAttendance – This is an android based mobile app designed to take care of the employee attendance, both from in the office and field moveable resources.
  • eKMS – It helps in creating, sharing, using and managing the knowledge and information of an organisation.
  • eOffice – A complete office management with letter and file management system.
  • PRACS – Pulse Regulatory, Audit & Compliance Management System is a complete leading-edge, cloud hosted, mobility & analytics based regulatory, audit & compliance management platform for Public Service Research Quantitative Analysis
  • TEZIV: A complete end-to-end online next generation reservation platform for OTA’s and hotels



  • Application has been developed on open source platform using HTML5, CSS 30, Java & PHP, MYSQL/Postgres
  • Works on both Windows & Linux OS
  • Hybrid App for mobile computing
  • BuildMyBI tool for Reporting & Analytics


Offerings & Differentiator
Offerings & Differentiator