The Utility Distribution Revenue Management System (UDREAM) platform is designed to create a converged operations & management platform that provides control with respect to Revenue Management (Metering, Reading, Billing, Collection, Arrear and Theft Management). It provides a comprehensive view of the distribution business. UDREAM platform has three major components (data collector, integrator & analytics).

UDREAM Platform

The UDREAM is a groundbreaking cloud hosted, mobility & analytics based platform for utilities revenue management.

  • Real-time Data Collector: The UDREAM has mobility based real time data acquisition components which works both offline and online mode.
  • Integrator : The data Integrator components which securely, and cost effectively aggregates internal and external customer billing and usage data to deliver end-to-end system visibility, maximize financial performance, and enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Analyzer: The UDREAM data analyzer and visualization engine provides built in data analytics, self service analytics and predictive analytics services to ensure proper insight to the customer data.

UDREAM Applications

  • MBC Applications : The UDREAM MBC Applications is built to take care of metering, reading, billing, collection & customer service data acquisition of a DISCOM real-time.
  • Audit Applications: The UDREAM Audit applications provide real time reporting & auditing capabilities through its mobility and web based interface.
  • Consumers Self Service Applications: The UDREAM Self Service Applications are buil to take care of self service metering, billing, payment, complain request application of an utility.
  • Revenue Analytics: The UDREAM Revenue Analytics provides built in data analytics, self service analytics and predictive analytics services to ensure proper insight to DISCOMs revenue management system.

There are other additional products for utility in addition to UDREAM and they are Facility Management & Tracking System (FMTS), Financial Accounting & Budgeting System (FABS) & Human Resource Management System(HRMS).


  • Provide consulting to build an end-to-end IT roadmap for your organization.
  • Evaluate right data analytics & mobility technology solution for your organization.
  • Implement customized UDREAM applications for revenue management.
  • Take end to end ownership of your revenue improvement using our UDREAM platform.
  • Customize UDREAM platform other than revenue management like EMS.
  • Assist in conceptualizing, developing and implementing new ideas and technologies for your utilities

Differentiator with Success Stories

  • System addresses local conditions, local needs & constraints with local support.
  • Built by domain experts with global experience in Utilities Industry
  • The UDREAM MBC billing part is running for of NESCO Utility, Odisha since 2013.
  • The UDREAM MBC(customized) is running for RUPL integrated with SAP-ISU (A CESU franchise)
  • The UDREAM all components excluding self service are running for APIPL a NESCO franchise.