Smart Gov

Smart Gov

SGov Overview

Increasingly, governments are challenged to do more with less; managing assets efficiently as infrastructure maintenance demand continues to grow; managing hybrid workforces of employees; managing large volumes of data and multiple systems. To improve the delivery of government/public sector services to its stakeholders, the government is actively embracing the use of IT.

For good and clean governance, it is imperative to follow the mandates of efficiency, transparency, accountability, fast & easy accessibility and timely delivery of services. And technology plays a pivotal role in bringing about the desired transformation. Thus vesting in digital and automation can make government services more accessible online, reduce the cost of accessing those services, streamline administrative processes, improve turnaround times, and strengthen accountability and responsiveness.

SGov platform transforms the functioning of government by leveraging the use of cloud computing, data analytics and mobility. The use of these three key technologies also Reduces the digital divide between urban India and rural India as mobile phone is widely used across India, across all demographics .Cloud Computing allows anytime, anywhere use of the solution. Data Analytics provides intelligence out of the massive amount of data to help make better decisions.

The sGov platform:

  • Remodels public and government engagement
  • Redefines government administration
  • Engages stake holders through a strong e-governance process
  • Tracks & monitor using analytics