TOTAL Teaching

This component or product covers all the academic related activities of an institution. It takes care of Academic program & course setup, student management, faculty management, class management, class attendance, pre-exam management, integration with learning and assessment systems, post exam management and teacher parent communications.

Teaching Planning & Delivery/Academics

  • Academics Planning & Tracking (Course & Batch Management, Room Management, Lesson Plan Creator, Lesson Outcome , Faculty master creation, Faculty Load Planner)
  • Student Lifecycle Management (New student enroll, Student promotion, Student data update, Student profile update, Students Transfer & Exit)
  • Time Table (Creation of Timetable both for online and offline classes)
  • Class Management & Tracking (Class Management & Tracking, Students Attendance, Students & Teacher Feedback)
  • Pre Exam Management (Exam Setup, Registration of students, Question bank Management through TOTAL Assessment, Exam Conduction Management through TOTAL Assessment)
  • Post Exam Management (Entry of Internal & lab marks, Mark Tabulation and Grading, Student wise performance analytics, Issuing of Grade Sheets, Report Card Generation)
  • Miscellaneous Academics (Teacher Parent Communication, Document Management, Notification, Email, SMS)